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its lonely being on top of the food chain

not in your prada coat it’s not

me @ school 

me looking down on my servants


I hope they ask about me & I hope you tell them you fucked up.
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July 28th · 19:59 pm

Jacquelyn and Cora backstage at Elie Saab

Fall/Winter 2014-15 Giambattista Valli
Anonymous asked: Glad you're a civil individual who knows to go handle anons with invasive questions. Those questions answered, shows how devious people around you can be, how they can take one comment, manipulate it and have it turned and used against you. Fuck them. You do your thing girl, and as for the implants? Who the fuck cares, it's about you being happy and sometimes we have to make things happen in order to be happy! Disregard the negativity. You're old enough to know what's right for you. Xx

Exactly right! Thank you anon for this message, it means a lot! I have very low tolerance for a number of things and people sending hate through anonymous on the internet is at the top of my list. No point in getting riled up over comments from people who can’t even take responsibility for their words xx

July 28th · 18:28 pm
Anonymous asked: Just wondering how you hide your tattoos from your parents? or have they always been cool with you having tattoos?

Nah they’re not cool with it. They’ve only seen a few of mine but I usually just keep covered up when I’m at home :)

July 28th · 18:18 pm
Anonymous asked: How much for the eyelashes!! Ate they really uncomfortable?

I paid $160 for them, bit expensive but worth it for the quality! They’re not annoying at all actually! I love them :))

July 28th · 18:18 pm

♥ Fashion and Style ♥ 

♥ Fashion and Style ♥